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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

It wouldn't be make believe if you believed in me.

How do I love this dress? Let me count thee ways. (Do you think of that quote as much as I do when you go to speak?)
Anyway, it was really really really hot outside and my sister said, "Well, Coury should be hot. She's wearing a floor length ball gown!" But, hey, it's light, airy, and ruffly for goodness sake.

Let's see...have I told you lately how much I love summer? Well, I do. Happy summer weekend. Gabe and I are headed out for a short trip to Palm Springs in the morn'. We really need some time to relax and have some margaritas by the pool. I work from home (full time on the store for those of you who have wouldn't believe how many hours I spend on this a week..still meaning to get an FAQ going), so it's nearly impossible for me to ever relax at home because it only means work to me and there's always something to do (not that I don't love working). Once we move into a two bedroom this fall, I will have an office and I am implementing office hours so I can enjoy nights more with my little family. Until then, Palm Springs weekends will do the trick! Follow me on twitter for some cheesy palm tree twitpics. :)

Dress: c/o Romwe
Booties: 8020
Bag: c/o Romwe
Bow: Cut from vintage belt

Have a happy weekend & check out what's new in the STORE in the post below! ♥

XO Coury


Gonna have a ball!

New in store.