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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

I see your face in every flower.

So, 85% of the time I listen to jazz standards. It's quite difficult to name my posts with anything other than lyrics from these songs because that's what I'm listening to while I'm writing. I remember my family eating at Olive Garden when I was younger and how much I loved Olive Garden mostly because they played Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin while I ate. Ok, fine...I couldn't get enough of the salad and got me! Anyway, it just got me thinking about the different ways you come to realize what your interests are in life. If my family never ate at Olive Garden, when would I realize how much I love Louis Armstrong?? And furthermore, if my 6 year old sister wouldn't have bought the "Father of the Bride part 2" soundtrack, would I ever have begun my musical and sentimentally based love affair with Steve Tyrell? Life is so funny and fabulous.

Anyway, this is my outfit for today. Simple, comfy, and summer-ized.

Gabe, Birdie, and I are off on a late night road trip to my parents house for the holiday and I've got lots of floaty dresses packed for the 100 degree days. I can't be held responsible for how much homemade ice cream and corn on the cob that I eat. I just can't. ♥

Blouse: Fancytreehouse
Shorts: Fancytreehouse
Bag: Fancytreehouse
Shoes: Dieppa Restrepo

Photos by my sister

XO Coury


Let us all be grateful for a land so fair.

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