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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Young leaves that the wind blows.

This is what I wore to pick up the newest member of our family: Rooster, The Red Boston Terrier. He's living with my mom and dad, but he's still part of my family. :)

I wore the super flowiest dress ever from my sponsor, Asian iCandy. Gabe's quote from the day is "That dress is HUGE!". Most comfortable dress by leaps and bounds!

The American Apparel leather clutch "pouch" has been on my wishlist for a bit and my mom surprised me and bought it for me while we were both in the store. She's the sweetest.

You can imagine my elation when I found these perfect (to me) vintage oxfords the other day. They were missing laces so it gave me an excuse to put these mint babies in. :) My wonderful sister took these photos right before we picked up the baybay.


Dress: c/o Asian iCandy (They have some really cute stuff!)
Jacket: Gap
Oxfords: Vintage
Shoelaces: AA (Gift from my mom)
Clutch: AA (Gift from my mom)

See how cute he is? He's probably only about 5 pounds. Birdie certainly loves him.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone and don't forget to check out what's in the store this week in the post below! :)

XO Coury


It's our finest hour.

What's in store.