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Say hello to the new Store!

Hi friends! Today I'm excited because there are no auctions listed on my eBay store. I have had auctions listed there every week for three years but I'm trying out something new. I'd like to introduce you to my NEW STORE. I'm just getting started with it but it's definitely the direction I want to go. I know many of you have complained here about having to bid on items and lose and I'm totally with you on that! I will add new items each week, I can spend time naming them really cheesy things, and it will just be a whole bunch of bunches of fun. I am a tad bit obsessed with coupon codes so be sure to watch out for them often around here.

Edit: For some reason you're only being charged $2 or $4 for shipping so take advantage of it before I can get it fixed! :)

Here are my top 5 picks from the store for this week.

Thanks so much you guys! :)

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