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I'd like to add his initial to my monogram.

Well, well, well! Happy Cinco de Mayo to you! In California, Cinco de Mayo is kind of a big holiday. I'm not sure how widely recognized it is in other states and countries, but it's a fun one! It should be interesting to see what goes on Downtown today. The mariachi band that decided it would be funny to start playing loudly in the street underneath our window at 3AM the other night must have been celebrating early. Don't worry, they got of buckets of water thrown on them as their comeuppance (not by us). They could have used the practice, though, as they were completely out of tune.

Here's an easy breezy outfit I wore for this absolutely delightful weather we've been having here in LA. I kinda hate that so many things are sheer these days because I have to find something to go underneath everything. Wearing this thin lace top worked well under the sailor-y blouse, though. I found this American Apparel skirt at Crossroads for $14. I was very pleased with myself because I actually would have considered it at full price. It's quite comfortable and I love this color right now.

Pleated Skirt: American Apparel
Sailor-y blouse: c/o Club Couture
Satchel: Asos
Flats: Vintage

Have a slap happy Thursday!

XO Coury


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