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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Count me in.

So, as we were leaving the house in the morning Gabe said "You think you're going to the royal wedding!!"
While it was not my inspiration for wearing this hat...I did end up getting royal wedding fever despite my best efforts to ignore it. You see, after the death of Diana Spencer in 1997, I became absolutely obsessed with her. I was 15 years old and bought a plum polyester skirt suit from the Juniors section at Macy's and wore it to school to be like her. Really? A 15 year old wearing a skirt suit in 1997? It was unheard of and, most likely, ill-fitting. I bought lots of merchandise which, I'm sure, is still in my parents garage. I also made it a double obsession when I decided I was in love with William. He was a very handsome 15 year old! I also taped Diana's version of Candle in the Wind off the radio onto cassette, listened to it over and over over again, and cried. Embarrassing confessions aside, I was truly inspired by her charitable heart and am still inspired by her.

Anyway, this was what I wore on Saturday. :)


Hat: Vintage
Blouse: Vintage
Skirt: Vintage
Ring: Anthro
Bag: Dean
Shoes: Dieppa Restrepo (I can't stop wearing them!)
Belt: c/o Lulu's

Thanks for reading everyone. You're all just the sweetest and your comments make my day brighter!

XO Coury


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