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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Better make it count.

So, obviously, the best part of buying clothes for a store is the fact that you get to wear them! I can't wait until I have a Brick and Mortar and can shop designers and such! Who knows when (or where) that will be, but I would like to make it happen. About 10 years ago I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish. It included learning to cut hair, learning to sew, and opening a children's bookstore. So far, I've checked off two of three! Unfortunately, a children's bookstore made a lot more sense 10 years ago. I think any store will do in achieving the goal, though. Actually, I'm hoping it can blossom into two goals and I can do something else children's book related (ie: write a story). The silly thing is, there was one more thing on the list that I can't remember. I guess it must not have been very important! Sometimes it's motivating to share your dreams with for listening. :)

No matter what happens, the most important goal I have will always be enjoying the simple things in life and spending as much time as possible with those I love.

Anyway, here's my outfit. :)


Blouse: Fancytreehouse Vintage
Pants: Fancytreehouse Vintage
Shoes: Fancytreehouse Vintage
Purse: Fancytreehouse Vintage
Socks: c/o Chicwish

It's already Wednesday! I'm going to try to make it count. ♥ Lately, Gabe and I are feeling very motivated and very anxious. It's a good thing!



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