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Don't you love it when you find something of your mom or sister's that they don't wear and they say "Just take it" and then you end up wearing it everyday? Such is the case with this black flower pouf pin. I have worn it three different ways in the last week. It makes me want to buy one of these poufs or the ones they have at J.Crew right now. I have been resisting for awhile now. I also love this headband. I am going to crack soon!

This was the perfect dress for a very warm April day.


Dress: Vintage in store next week
Trench: Lara
Sandals: Rachel Comey
Hat: Vintage
Flower pouf: Via my mom
Bag: Vintage

Anyway, this was last Saturday. It was absolutely delightful. I found this darling restaurant, Elements Cafe, for Brunch on Yelp and it ended up being completely amazing. One of my favorite things is when savory & sweet are mixed well. Those biscuits were absolutely ridiculous and my dream drink come true was the Hibiscus Punch Lemonade! Shut up! They were also sweet to our little Birdie Girl which is always an A ++. I really wish we could move to Pasadena...I'm scared of the westside. It's so foreign and new to me.

Ok, well, it's Saturday and we're off! :)
Have a great one!

Love, Coury

Happy Easter.