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Day Dressin'.

Hmm..what Spring saying hasn't been used to title a blog post in the last month or so? Every single time I post lately, I think "Spring Fling" "Spring Fever" "Spring Forward" "Spring in my Step" "Step into Spring" "Spring Special"...etc.

This dress is from Universal Studios and I ain't talking about the theme park. I'd like to think it was used in a film in the 60's. I am going to go ahead and think that so please don't burst my bubble, ok? :)

Well, here's what I wore to meet Gabe for lunch in Santa Monica. He's gone for a lot of hours in the day now since he has an amazing new job doing what he loves. Birdie and I miss him a lot (and everyday I'm all dressed up with no one to take my picture! I have months of outfits planned. Ohhh, poor me!). It was so nice to have lunch together in the warm sun!

Dress: Vintage (will be in the store tomorrow)
Ballet flats: Filippa K
Purse: Vintage (in the store tomorrow)

Love you all and hello to those who found me through Rebecca's super fun interview. I got to plan out a dream party. You can read about it if ya want! :)

Ok, I'm off to take Birdie on a walk. Have a wonderful Friday.

XO Coury

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