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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Such a lovely day and I'm glad you feel the same.

Well, today is our 5 year wedding anniversary so I thought it would be appropriate to share some of our wedding portraits. It was a lovely day. I did almost everything myself (with the help my family obviously) so there were a lot of fun details that I worked really hard on but the lighting was so dark in the church that there aren't any good pictures of it. Live and learn! I'll always have it in my memory but maybe that's part of the reason I'm obsessed with taking pictures of everything now. No regrets!

There was so much happiness that day.
One of my favorite things was that Gabe wrote music for us all to walk down the aisle to. Thinking of that makes me even more happy that he just got a new job in which he gets to write music. Yay for our family!

I still really love my dress. My brother was working for a designer at the time and I was lucky enough to have his seamstress custom make my dress for me. It was inspired by a Vera Wang dress I liked. The little braided belt was a last minute addition that actually came from my mother's wedding dress from 1977. I wore a vintage locket and a vintage bracelet (gift from my brother) that came from the set of "Avonlea" which was one of our favorite shows growing up.

I cannot believe how fast these 5 years have flown by!

Have a great day, guys! I'm really excited to spend it with my wonderful husb!

XO Coury

We were sleeping till you came along.

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