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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Meet me at the statue in an hour.

This is what I wore to take Birdie to her first Boston Terrier meetup. We'd been itching to take her to one since she joined our family in September and now we finally have weekends off! Before we left Gabe said, "You're wearing that?" I said, "What? It just looks like a normal outfit." "Those tights and shoes are crazy", he replied.

Little did we know that it really didn't matter because we would be the only people who showed our faces at the Boston Terrier meetup.........

Really, we wanted to go for selfish reasons. Birdie doesn't like Bostons more than any other dog. Gabe and I would bathe in them if we could. Birdie actually plays favorites with Frenchies. She loves to wrestle with them and have them bite her neck. True story.

We still had fun even though we got stood up by all the other Bostons. :)

Dress: Vintage (will be in the store on Saturday)
Coat: c/o Urban 1972
Tights: JCrew
Bag: Asos
Bracelet: c/o Nine West

Now that the stars are in your eyes.