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Las Vegas, Take 1.

Ok! Wow, isn't it so fun looking back at vacations?? I'm writing this a week later and it's even better because now it's just a memory and I've glamorized it in my head to make it even more fun than it was (as if that was even possible)!

This was our day of walking, walking, more walking, eating, and treating. How much walking we did in three days is insane. Of course, we easily could have driven or taken taxis but it's always more fun to walk. There is some beautiful shopping and there are beautiful things to see in Las Vegas. There are also some very hideous things to see in Las Vegas. The worst is those creeps who flip their naked girl cards in your face. Personal space! The second worst is the people who are on their 9th huge plastic frozen margarita of the day. Despite the seedy factor, there's something magical about Las Vegas. I think I will always want to go back there when we have a few days to spare. We saw The Lion King for the first time and it was more than I could explain. I cried a few times simply because I was so grateful to be there enjoying myself so much.

Plus, the weather was perfect for Springtime!

(Dress-Vintage, Lace top- c/o Urban 1972, Socks- UO, Backpack- c/o Romwe)

Have a fabulous weekend! This is our last weekend that we will be working! From now on we will have normal weekends like all you normal people. :)

Love you.


Ps. I can't get enough pink. Ever.

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