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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Your heart goes ring a ding ding.

I loved frolicking around in this dress. My sister took these pics about a week ago but I forgot about posting them. We were hanging out in Pasadena and this reminds me that she needs to come back like right now. It was feeling like late spring that day and I didn't even need a jacket. :) The day will come again soon!

(Dress- Vintage, Belt- Vintage, Bag- Asos)

And here are some random iPhone photos from the past month or so. I continue to take photos every day. How on earth would I remember the day my sister and I shared a chocolate shake if I hadn't taken a screen shot? And how would I even gauge how much Birdie has grown? Impossible! Anyway, I love life! And Gabe and Birdie!

The Oscars are tonight! Fun!

Hope you're having the best weekend.


So what if I like pretty things?

Up On Cloud Number Nine.