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Up On Cloud Number Nine.

I think we all know I'm definitely more of a dog person. We had tons of cats growing up and not one of them was a snuggler (I guess that's not a word though it should be). Birdie would seriously snuggle with me on my lap ALL DAY LONG if she could.
Anyway, the point is that although I am not a "cat person", I am most definitely a "cat sweater person". I couldn't love this sweater any more. It's actually a dress but, gimme a break, I'm 5'9"! :)

This was a most fun day of thrift shopping, family times, and food.

Anyway, I'll admit this outfit is a bit much and it could have done without the cat sweater but it also would have been really rude to the cat sweater to edit it out. And that's that.

(Trench- c/o Urban 1972, Cat sweater- c/o Romwe, Dress- Darling, Hat & Bag- Vintage)

A few things about today:

1. I have been collecting outfits for our anniversary trip coming up in about a week! We still aren't sure what we're doing but I guess we should decide soon! I absolutely cannot wait! We will miss Birdie for sure (she's staying with my fam) but it will be fun to be just the two of us again for a bit! Is there anything more fun than planning outfits for a fun trip with your best friend?? And yes, that is a Bicycle print blouse!! I realize that every sentence in this paragraph has an exclamation point and I do apologize.

2. Birdie is the cutest girlie in the whole world (to me).

3. I put cream in my coffee this morning.

Love you guys! Happy Friday to you. Please treat yourself to something fun today. :)

As for me, I'm listening to some Bobby Darin Pandora and finishing up my work for the week.

Coury ♥

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