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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

The hills fill my ♥ with the sound of music.

Best Valentine's Day ever! This view really took my breath away. It was in the beautiful hills of Pasadena. I know I'm the queen of saying something reminds me of one of my favorite things even though it's mostly in my much does it look like I should be singing, "When you know the notes to sing
You can sing most anything"? I speak of "The Sound of Music", of course. :) Well, ok, you got really doesn't look like I should be frolicking with Fräulein Maria...but I know that thinking such things brings immense joy to my life. Who cares if they really aren't true? I truly believe that the more we can think like children, the better! I know it makes my life the happiest it could be. Oh, and you can bet your boots I had to google the spelling of "Fräulein"!

Other than that, I had a cocktail last night with egg whites in it. Gabe told me that's how they did things in the 20's so I tried it so I could pretend I was a part of the roaring 20's but I couldn't stop thinking of a fried egg that wasn't cooked all the way while I was drinking it and it really creeped me out. We did end up having pizza, but it was out at a fun restaurant instead of on our couch. Good decision!

Anyway, comfiest outfit ever. I would even wear this on a sick day. :)

(Dress- Vintage, Tights- AA, Shoes- Asos, Bag- Vintage)

I also can't believe how gorgeous these chocolate bars are that Gabe gave me. Gorgeous AND delicious! PASTELS!

Oh, we have a winner of the Decades Collide contest. Congrats to It's not her, it's me! You were randomly chosen so you should do a lot of things today that rely on luck (lottery, The Price Is Right filming...etc), you just may be very lucky today! Please email me your info! Also, please teleport me one of the teddy bear bags that you made. THX! :)

Alright guys, love you to bits and hope you had a superb Valentine's Day. Also, I hope you still had fun even if you didn't have a Valentine. You at least enjoyed the ubiquitous red, pink, and hearts, right? I know I always used to tell myself that it's better not to be taken by someone who is so-so because then you won't be available when the real mate to your soul comes along (it was true for me so I think it is for you too!).

♥ Coury

If I could fly like birds on high.

Be mine ♥