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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Broken bluesy whisper, sing to me tonight.


It got a little cooler this weekend so I was able to wear my new jacket from my lovely sponsor, Urban 1972. It's so fuzzy and cozy! They are in Downtown LA too so I hope I can go visit them someday soon especially since they have been so kind to me! Anyway, it was warm enough for bare legs so no constricting tights for me today!

I have been looking for a fun bag so I was happy to find this one the other day! Unfortunately, we went to Opening Ceremony and I picked up all of the Alexander Wang bags and as I felt the buttery leather, suddenly my little vintage colorful bag wasn't good enough anymore. Isn't that the worst? I got over that real quick. It's no way to live! Now I'm back in love with my humble bag of many colors although maybe someday I'll buy an Alex Wang bag. Just not today. :)

We took a little hike (as much as you can in these shoes) in Beachwood Canyon. The beauty of this place is overwhelming and everytime we go we wonder why we don't go every other day. I remember before we lived downtown we had neighbors with children who screamed really loud most of the day and we would often be forced to leave our house and try to find peace. It's funny that living downtown is so much more peaceful than Los Feliz.

Most of the time we were here I was freaking out about Gabe falling off the side of the mountain even though he was really far away from it. :) In any case, it was very peaceful and I loved it.

(Coat- c/o Urban 1972, Dress- Vintage, Sweater- h&m, Bag- Vintage, Shoes- Marais USA)

We just got Sundaes so if you'll excuse me I'm off to enjoy my weekend. :)

xo coury

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