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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

The blues are still blue.

I call this my "Patriot Dress" because, well, it reminds me of the movie "The Patriot". I love it so much that I will continue to find reasons to wear it even though it's completely and utterly OTT. And just in case it wasn't completely OTT, I went and added a feather "headband". It's such a pretty feather that I violently ripped off of a lavender hat I got the other day. My spontaneous rip left a small hole in the lovely hat but when you are too excited at the idea of putting a feather on your head the simple task of finding a pair of scissors seems far too complicated!

Oh, how I love layers of lace....

(Dress- c/o ROMWE, Tights- JCrew, Trench- Lara)

Also, Birdie was due for some girlie time since she's just been playing with dogs in the mud lately. She got a bath and a pretty polka dot dress with a Peter Pan collar. Once I added the belt and saw how her feet are crossed in the second picture I almost died from her cuteness. After I took it off she found it in my closet and almost broke the belt chewing it up. She can only be girlie for about 5 minutes a day. :) It's hard to believe how much we love this little gal!

And for the record, she likes dressing up because she gets treats.

Hope you have a lovely day and tons of wonderful things happen. :)

Xo Coury

The tree in the front of the yard is starting to grow.

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