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Hello! We've getting some icky stormy weather here but this morning it's sunny as ever! There's nothing quite like the sunlight.

My mom bought me this little purse from Anthro yesterday. So sweet. What a gal!
It's the perfect size for me. I used to carry HUGE bags everywhere and they ended up absolutely filled with trash (mostly candy wrappers and straw wrappers) and my neck and shoulders suffered. Sounds terribly dramatic, right? Well, I have a lot of small bags now and I'll show you my necessities that fit perfectly in this little bag. The only downer was that I wore this purse to a meeting yesterday and had nowhere to put my little portfolio book. You have to pay the price of being seen carrying your little portfolio book around if you don't want your shoulders to fall off. Anyway, next time I'll show you what I can fit in my huge will be funny.

-iPhone LOVE.
-The perfect pink Mac lipstick and Bobbi Brown cover stick just in case. They stopped making the lipstick and I can't tell you how sad I am that I now have to buy it on eBay for three times what it's worth. I have to bite the bullet, though, because it's honestly the only lipstick I've ever liked.
-I was trying to remember who makes this genius little leather mini purse. It's perfect for my cards and ID (and cash although I never carry cash). I can't even google search to find it. It's from Tenoversix.
-Keys to the Prius and my keycard to get in the building.
-DumDums from my dad. I always always always have at least a little something sweet in my purse. :)
-Oh yeah, my sunglasses are supposed to go in there too! I cannot go anywhere without sunglasses. My eyes are way too sensitive.

Well, I wore this outfit on purpose because we snapped these pics right before the big storm came. I'm trying to keep things Easter-egg-ish. I guess that's my new thing until Easter comes since Valentines Day is over. ;)

Lisa from my lovely sponsor Sweeties Vintage sent me these pants and they are super slouchy and comfy. Love them.

(Sweater- Vintage, Pants- Vintage c/o Sweeties Vintage, Purse- Anthro, Trench- Lara, Belt- Crossroads)

Alright, have a beautiful Saturday all you sweet people. I'm off with a friend for coffee and treats then I'm off to shop for the store.


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