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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

In the sun.

Hello guys! Hope your weekend is coming along nicely. Mine has been superb thus far. Our unfathomably nice weather continues as I enjoy some nice family time. My weekend with Gabe starts today and the whole fam is going to Disneyland for two days. It will be great to say the least.

I sorta love this long flowy dress. It's so Spring to me and not too long that I trip all over myself (which has happened in the past). I'm totally jumping the gun on Spring but I'm just enjoying this nice weather so much I could burst! :)

My sister snapped these pics after a full morning/afternoon of shopping and eating and coffee-ing. There's more of the same in store for us today!

(Striped top- A.P.C., Dress- Thrifted, Loafers- Vintage, Bag- Topshop)

And this was our wonderful Saturday Breakfast at Bottega Louie before Gabe headed to work.

Happy sunny Sunday! And if your Sunday is not sunny, enjoy some of mine. :)


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