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I'll be your champion and you will be mine + Sparkly Bag Giveaway

Lucky to live another fun day.
You would probably say that most days my outfits dip a little into the too "sweet" territory. But come on, I sure as heckfire am not about to apologize for that! When I dress sweeter, I act sweeter (and eat sweeter things...hehe). Try it sometime! :) I started to doubt myself on whether "sweeter" is a word or not after staring at it for too long. "not salty, sour, or bitter." I like that!

I love the cut of this blouse and the scalloped hem on this skirt. I also love Silverlake more now that we've moved away. There's something about the hills and the views...and those gorgeous fire hydrants. Ha.

I'll give you one guess as to when we took these pictures. Good guess! Yes, it was during our coffee and dog park run! :)

(Blouse, skirt, & mini bag- Vintage, Plush tights- AA, Shoes- Farlyrobin via Gilt, Belt- Zara, Coat- Ruffian for Anthropologie)

So, Gabe and I were craving something sweet (actually just me but I didn't hear him complaining) so we tried this cute little waffle dessert place that's just two hops, one skip, and three jumps from our loft! It was super yummy and I can't wait to try all the different waffle/ice cream combos. Gah! I have a strong suspicion that we'll end up there most nights. They also have tons of iced teas and I got a Cherry Lemonade. It was strange and wonderful. We're really loving living downtown. If only we had a little yard for Birdie I would want to stay here.

Oh, I almost forgot! I want to give this sweet little bag away to one of you lovely people. My mom and I found it and bought it just to give to one of you. I had to wear it first to show you what it looks like though. :) Just comment below to enter. I'll choose someone randomly on Jan 10. :)

Ok, see ya guys tomorrow.


It gives you such a glow just to know you're wearing lipstick and heels!

I'll re-read the books if there's time to spare.