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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

I just wanna see the floating lanterns gleam!

New year, same old me. :)
Of course I have promised to live healthier this year. It's so vague that there's no way I'll succeed. I guess I should get more specific.

I suppose this outfit was inspired by watching "If a Man Answers" the other night, although "Chantal" would never wear shorts. Haha. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor. The costumes are beyond any notion of gorgeous, there are like 10 Boston Terriers in it, and it stars my favorite couple of all time. It's just ridiculously perfect (to me) in every way.

I used my new umbrella that my mom got me for Christmas from Modcloth today for the first time. I love it! It just started sprinkling on us and now the rain is fully here! After Gabe gets off work tonight, it's our rainy weekend! I can't wait.

I got a great deal on this coat at Anthro with a gift card my mom (and dad) got me for Christmas. It seems like the the greatest vintage find of my life but it doesn't have that vintage coat smell. Best of both worlds! :)

One of my white gold wedding rings got itself yellow gold plated. I'm thinking of having my rings redone for our 5th anni which is coming up in three months! (Dear Lord, where has the time gone?) I think I might get too sentimental and chicken out, though. I change my mind everyday. "But it's my wedding ring!" "Who cares, it will be the same gold and diamonds!" Back and forth. Back and forth.

Anyway, Gabe snapped some pics before the rain hit too hard after picking up my daily Americano and taking Birdie to her daily dog park session.

I love my mini family so much!

(Coat- Anthro, Blouse- Vintage, Shorts- Vintage, Tights- UO, Shoes-Dieppa Restrepo. Rain or Shiny Umbrella- Modcloth, Bag-Vintage, Headband- H&M, Spoon Necklace- made from my grandma's earring)

Hope your holiday is still great. It seems like everyone is still on vacation! LA is practically a Ghost Town! I'm going to go read all your blogs to see what you did for New Years now and then get to work! :)


I'll re-read the books if there's time to spare.