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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Very Merry.


For some reason I bought this lipstick last year without even trying it on. I don't think it's "my color" but sometimes it's fun to wear. I put it on today, Birdie "attacked" me with kisses and fake bites during one of her daily crazy times, and I freaked out later because I thought she had bright pink blood on her neck. Oh, overprotective "mothers"!

This is a skirt that Urban 1972 sent me with the mustard cardigan and I wanted to wear them together, but what would the fun be in that? The fun part is trying to be creative with it! I love the sleeves on this dress that I wore as a top. They're super ruffly so you just can't beat that. I've had this crochet fringe bag for awhile but it just never makes it into my outfits. I got it after I saw some really cool girl wearing one just like it is a street style picture but I just haven't made it "mine" yet. Oh man, sorry for all the quotes. Who am I, Chris Farley? Has anyone seen that old skit where he put's everything in air quotes?

This is a total springtime outfit but it's still not even cold enough to wear tights!

(Dress worn as blouse- Vintage, Pleated skirt- gift fromUrban 1972, Bag- The tag says Barneys, Scarf- TENOVERSIX, lipstick- MAC girl about town)

The rain is finally here and it makes doing all my Christmas stuff just that much more fun! :)

This morning Birdie said, "Mom, I just want to be really cozy today so maybe I can wear your cropped oatmeal sweater? I still want to feel fancy though so maybe I can wear your bow tie around my neck? And maybe I can have a few treats while I pose for some pictures?" She's a peach!

For Lily. :)


How happy we'll be. Up a lazy river with me.