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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?


Well, yippee skippee! We definitely got the rain I was craving...and more.
Plus, my sister is here! We have been enjoying the rain, wrapping presents, and eating lots of fun things.

So, I really love this beige silk heart print blouse. Anything in a heart print is amazing to me, but it's a little more special when it's vintage! These grey tights are actually very soft and not even a little bit uncomfortable. I think they might be cheapies from Forever 21! Either that or Hues. They've been sitting in my closet so long I forgot.

(Blouse- Vintage, Skirt-Vintage, Ballet flats- Filippa K, Cape- H&M)

4 days till Xmas!

Anyway, enjoy yourselves today!


Christmas Eve!

Very Merry.