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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Leave out the others, baby. Say I'm the only one.

Hi guys! I'm kinda sad because I want to give everyone the flower crown. I need to make like 50 and give them all away. I'll try! But I definitely have a lot more things to give away and I will do so!

I'm excited today because I got this lighting necklace for free on Gilt with a credit I had on there. For some reason, free things are so fun to me that I could just burst! They probably are to everyone but I wonder if anyone else gets so excited that they get a shaky feeling? I think I get that a lot though..actually I can count about 10 times I had it just nevermind. Well, fine, if you're going to beat it out of me, I'll tell you!

1. When Gabe brought me my Americano this morning (drink of the moment that I crave all day and I can't wait to go to bed tonight so I can wake up and drink one).
2. When Gabe brought me a bag of my favorite Sea Salt Caramels.
3. When I got an email letting me know one of my Christmas gifts had shipped.
4. When I listened to Pete Yorn's Music for the Morning After.
5. When one of my favorite Belle and Sebastian songs came on during this terrible movie I was watching on Instant Netflix.
6. When Birdie met a new Pug friend named Lucy at the dog park and had the best time of her life playing with her.
7. When my necklace came.

Just a few of many.

So this is my comfy Saturday outfit. The thing about tights is, you just have to get used to them. They aren't that uncomfortable and they sure beat being cold. These are definitely on my wish list right now!

(Sweater, Blouse, Bag, & Cutoff Levi's-Vintage, Heart tights- eBay, Mistaa Tassel Loafers- Steven by Steve Madden, Coat- Ruffian for Anthro)

Hope you all had/are having a fun Saturday night. I'm just working, but don't cry for me Argentina! Our weekend starts tomorrow night when everyone else's ends! :)

Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright.

Striping it up.