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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright.

Hi guys! We just spent such a fun weekend with my mom. Seriously, it was so fun I can't even talk about it until I have time to regroup (sorry, definitely an exaggeration)!
I attempted over the knee socks for the first time..they pretty much refused to stay up. My mom said that when she wore them in the 60's she held them up with rubber bands. Sounds painful.

We had a long day in San Diego today so I'll post pictures later. These are from yesterday and yes, it is December, and yes, I could wear shorts with no tights. I kinda love it but I hope it rains at least a few days before Christmas.

I guess this is some sort of weird school girl look. Who knows! All I know is that I was berry comfy and had one of the best days ever. Plus, I kinda match "Illustrated Coury" over there to the right. :)

(Sweater- American Apparel, Cardigan- Vintage, Fine cord Shorts- Zara, Lace trim socks- c/o ClubCouture)

Anyway, I've done ALL of my Christmas shopping online this year and it has been just the most. The most.

I wish my sister were here. We haven't even been able to watch any bad Christmas movies together...that's our thing! She's too busy becoming a nurse this year. How dare she!

Does anyone else have Rhapsody? It's seriously the best. Think of any song you want to hear..and hear it! It's amazing even though Gabe kept choosing UB40 when his turn came around. :)

Ok, have a good one. I truly appreciate you reading my silly blog.


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