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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

"Get the biggest aluminum tree you can find. Maybe paint it pink."

Well, 10 days till Christmas! At this point, any minute that goes by that doesn't see me listening to Christmas tunes or watching Christmas movies is a minute wasted! Jingle Bells!!

I got a sweet Holiday gift from my friends at Urban 1972 in this perfect ladder cardigan. So excited! It was super gloomy today and my whole tiny family really enjoyed it...Birdie got bullied by a little dog at the dog park but she has a strong sense of self worth so she recovered well.

It was my lucky day as Gabe brought me home two treat surprises! He brought me a Super Fancy Chocolate Bar and a Cranberry Rosemary muffin. Then I cried and drank my Americano with them. I'm so happy that I'm His and he's Mine...and Birdie is Ours. :)

The reason I have flowers in my pockets is Liebemarlene's post on Spring 2011 TBA. When I get inspired to do something, I wish I had more patience to wait until I can make something really cool out of it. I just couldn't wait so I threw some flowers in my pocket haphazardly. I will make it better next time, but you better believe I will have flowers in my pocket from now on! Thanks, TBA!

(Perfect Mustard Cardi- a gift from Urban 1972, Rust lace top-Vintage (will be in my shop on Saturday, along with lots of other things I've worn this week), Lace shorts- a gift from Urban 1972 (though, in these pictures it appears that i just forgot my pants altogether), Bamboo Tights- AA (I hate it when I see girls wearing tights I like but they don't list what brand they are in this section of their post..I, too, am guilty of this!)

So, the winner of my purse giveaway is someone whose profile I can't access so I hope you're reading this Rebecca, originally from New Zealand who now lives in London (email me with your contact info)! I seriously spent probably an hour trying to figure out who to give it to, I didn't want to make it random because it's seems so impersonal but (I'll say it again) seriously, it's WAY TOO HARD so I had to. I love all of you and all of your sweet comments. You all add something to my life. So, I'm just going to do tons of giveaways until every one of you gets something you want. Scout's honor! :)

I hope you are all on top of the world and you've been blessed with many kind words today. You're all so special. I know I sound so cheesy all of the time but it's genuine so it's alright...right?....RIGHT?


How happy we'll be. Up a lazy river with me.

All Peachy Keen and Stuff.