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Christmas Eve!

Hi everyone! What a fun time! My sister, Birdie, and I are now safely nestled at my parents house for Christmas with Gabe joining us as soon as possible today.
My sister took some quick photos of my outfit before we left yesterday.
I don't have much time to talk since we're getting ready to go out and have some last minute fun. I've been done shopping for awhile but it's still fun going out in the "hustle and bustle". I can't wait for everyone to open my presents. I love giving to the ones I love! It's just SO fun.

So, I figure nothing can go wrong with your outfit if you have a cute collar peeking out. :)

(Dress- Vintage, Cashmere sweater- Thrift, Cardigan- H&M, Socks- J.Crew, Shoes- Marais)

Have the best Christmas ever guys! I'll try to report back here tomorrow. I hate it when blogs don't update around the holidays...but it's hard to drag yourself away from the fun! :)


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