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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Birds pass by to tell me that im not alone.

I felt like a lady today. I had no idea when leaving the house that we would be waiting almost 5 hours for a tow truck...but that's what ended up happening. Every day can't be the best day of your life, but I think we made the most of what could have been a really stupid day! I just feel very blessed to be with Gabe and Birdie so everyday is good no matter what! Birdie loved it because she got lots of extra long walks in that 5 hours and she took her first trip to Urth Caffe AND had her first taste of a honey vanilla latte. :)

Also got some bad news that the holiday lamp light event is sold out. We were supposed to go this weekend with my mom and sis. Now I just have to find something else "Christmasy" to do. Or hope someone who reads this can get me tickets. Haha, what is this, an *Nsync concert in 1999? Anyway, I doubt anyone under 65 will be in attendance. That's my kind of event!

(Polka dot dress- Vintage, Skirt- c/o ClubCouture, Tights- eBay, Loafers- Farylrobin via Gilt)

Aaaaanyway, If you've got five minutes to kill, this video is super fun to watch, especially if you were raised on The Beach Boys as I was.

Tomorrow is a new day my dears! :) Can't wait!


Baby's first giveaway!

Seeing copious amounts of red.