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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Baby, let's just light the fire.

Um, why are you wearing knee socks again when you complained about them just a few days ago? Oh, I don't know. Also, I guess I didn't realize one of them fell at a faster rate than the other. Embarrassing that my "photographer" didn't let a gal know!

I don't think there are many more items more comforting than a big cardigan. I always, without fail, grab a cardigan when I'm just running out of the house for something. I guess it would be different if it weren't 80 degrees on December 11. I'm not complaining, but I kind of am. :) I want to have a white Christmas someday. Or even just a wet Christmas!

Well, today was my life partners birthday. We had a nice day but tomorrow is our weekend so there's much more fun to come. Who knows how many treats we'll eat and how many Americano's I'll drink.

(Cardigan, skirt, blouse- Vintage, Bag-Topshop, Shoes- Farylrobin)

Ooh, look what i found..let it rain, Los Angeles!

All Peachy Keen and Stuff.

You build me up so high, my darling.