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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

That's what love is for.

I felt like going to the beach this morning. I always forget how close it is! It's so nice to hear the water and think about how small we are. The weather was so perfect and it was just a delight!

I got a sweet gift from Sea of Bees Jewelry yesterday. This bird ring is perfect because it's wearable for everyday but still makes a statement. Highly recommended!

This is also my newest flower crown (lol). I ripped it off of a hat I bought at a thrift store in Monterey. When I say ripped, I mean I actually did violently rip it off and put it on immediately.

This is Birdie on the way to the vet. Certainly not her usual "bye bye" face which is a sleeping face. She knew something was up!

The camera battery died at the beach so we "Hipsta'd it". :)

Have a great day!

Life Goes Easy On Me.

My fickle friend.