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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

I think it's gonna rain today.

Hi! It's almost Thanksgiving. I'm so happy to be here with my family. This is my traveling outfit. We left at 7:30 am so a top bun means getting up 15 minutes before departure. A cozy sweater is essential when you are always cold and your driving partner isn't AND these American Apparel bamboo tights are actually comfy and not scratchy like other cheapo tights. This is also the first time it was important that I wear my Ruffian for Anthro coat. Yay! Lastly, I made this spoon necklace from a pair of earrings that belonged to my Grandma who passed away this January. I love wearing history and keeping memories alive. These aren't the best pictures but it was starting to pour down on me! I'll do better tomorrow. :) I got a package of gifts from ClubCouture right before we left so I'm looking forward to putting some fun things together over the next couple of days.

(Camel Coat- Ruffian for Anthropologie Floral Sweater- Vintage Shorts- Vintage Tights- AA Bag- TENOVERSIX)

I got a copy in the mail yesterday of an interview I did with the Swedish fashion mag, Sofis Mode. I haven't translated it but hopefully I don't sound too silly. :) Annika was so sweet and she asked me about Castledoor and really got me reminiscing about it...not even a year has passed since Gabe and I quit the band but I'm so thankful that I already have those warm nostalgic feelings about the experience that you might only get about something many years later. Gabe and I listened to some old mixes of Castledoor songs on our way to my parents this morning and I was really proud of all of us for the time we spent on it all (years) and the beautiful music we have to show for it. Anyway, my dad hasn't had anything of mine to frame in his office since this, so hopefully Sofis Mode will do the trick. :)

Birdie was pretending to understand Swedish.

Alright, gotta get some sleep. LOTS of baking to do tomorrow. :)


XO, Coury