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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

You look good in my scarf.

Hello and happy Friday!
I was thrilled beyond words (just ask Gabe) to receive a few more pieces from Urban 1972. Love, love, love this cropped trench coat and Lacy shorts. It's a super hot October 1st! We went out for coffee this morning and just hung out with our Birdie the rest of the afternoon. Now I'm trying to work but Birdie is distracting me by sniffing around, trying to chew on everything, and generally being cute.

Today I am pretty much overwhelmed with happiness.

I let Birdie try my scarf on because she wouldn't shut up about it. She's really into florals this fall. I don't know. (:

I'm home about 8, just me and my radio.

On the sunny side of the street.