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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

With a spooky little girl like you.

Hello. It's Halloween Friday! I wore my Rusty Orange Cardigan in celebration!
I really love Halloween. I mean, who doesn't (other than Christians in 1990)?
I went to my fair share of "Harvest Festivals" at church growing up. It was just as fun as trick or treating, guys!
Anyway, polkie dots just won't go away for me. I also got a new pair of shoes! Yay! I'd been in the market for some black patents. These are from Gilt's FarylRobin sale. I also got a beautiful HUGE new deer ring that I randomly found on Etsy (or maybe not so randomly as I was searching for 'big antler ring'). When it comes to deer rings, the bigger the better!

Birdie took advantage of my oversized sweater and plopped her self right down. She's still sleeping on my lap with no signs of awakening. I'm hungry though, so I hope she wakes up from her dreamland soon. :)

So, I have a convert-able outfit on today. When it gets cold, you actually put the cardigan on as opposed to draping over your shoulders. You then remove your belt and allow your dress to be released to full length. Then you dance around in your hallway! Tada! You're warm! You also resemble a mix between an orphan in the classic film, "Annie" and a grandma from 1980. What. A. Mix.

1988. Sorry for the poor quality. My family didn't take many pictures, my dad took tons of video instead so I grabbed this from one of our home videos. I went as Princess Diana, my idol. Obviously, I was the only 7 year old with any class. All I got from my friends was, "you don't look like a princess!". Well, you don't look like Amy Grant either, little girl.

My, what a large head you have! My mom found a pair of heels at a thrift store that would fit an 8 year old AND I got to carry a purse and wear lipstick. I was in hog heaven!

Happy weekend everyone! You're allowed to eat as much candy as you want from now till Sunday at midnight! More wisdom from Dr. Coury. You are welcome! :)

Happy Halloween.

She made artificial flowers.