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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Dream a little dream..

There are many other things I should be doing (including YouTube karaoke..not even joking as I'm home alone) but instead I picked out all my favorite bags & shoes on Polyvore.
My sister and I always play the "pick one thing off each page" game with catalogues (I know, our activities are terribly regal) so if I had to play that game with my collages...well, I simply couldn't. I sat here for awhile and tried. But I cannot. :)


Fave shoes

Hope you're all having a lovely evening. Birdie and I are enjoying our humble abode and we have Art Walk going on downstairs so it's fairly noisy tonight. I'm going to get some work done now although all I want to do is online shop and watch an awful movie on instant netflix.


I love you, clouds.

Peachy leopard.