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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?


I took a walk and ran some errands with my guy this morning and now am trying to work but why didn't anyone tell me that having a puppy is sooo hard? I always thought it was a silly thing to say but it really is good practice for having a real life baby. She's just so cute and tiny. We took her for her first trip to Intelli yesterday and she was, of course, mauled by everyone. :)

So, this is just my errands outfit. I'm not even close to being over polka dots yet. (: I do, however, need a new pair of shoes immediately. I still love these Dieppas but my sister said she's sick of seeing me is them. RUDE. (: I might get a pair of Tic Tac Toes while I decide on my next "nice" shoe purchase.

Ok, back to work for me while my Birdie girl naps. Have a fantastic Friday everyone!


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