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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Darlin', I guess my mind's more at ease.

Well, after taking the Metro from 7th St to Hollywood & Highland I no longer fear hell.
I'll be okay if I never go anywhere near Hollywood & Highland again.
Or the Metro. It's so dirty and so confined. MY NIGHTMARE!
I didn't even get to see Bobby Darin's star because it's on Vine St.
I do enjoy walking. We have been walking up and down these streets like mad people!
Anyway, just relaxing at home now listening to some standards. I'm thinking pizza for dinner. Bottega Louie to be exact. Burrata to be even more exact. Maybe. I have been craving Peas like you wouldn't believe. Fascinating!

Oh, and about this dress. When I find things I like, I usually mouth to myself, "You've got to be kidding me", because I get really excited. It's not your traditional fall dress but let's get's 80 degrees. I also made my flower crown more stable. I just took a piece of ribbon and hand sewed each flower on. Kind of annoying to do but it means they won't fall off later. A flower crown/headband is such an easy project! Grab some artificial flowers & ribbon from Michael's and sew them together! Maybe I'll make some to sell if people aren't in the mood to "get their craft on". (:

Thanks to everyone for your nice comments. I truly appreciate them! Except for the guy who said he didn't like my shoes. (: Jk, thanks to him too. He's allowed his opinion!


Free to run around all day.

When your heart is happy.