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An Apple Day.

If fall doesn't come to you, GO TO IT!
It was actually cold! And breezy! And the air had the colors of fall.
I really love Apples. I frequented Oak Glen when I was a little gal and it's a really nice, peaceful place to go drink cider and eat donuts and look at peacocks and bears. We had a great time but just missed our girl the whole time so now we are just bothering her with kisses while she tries to sleep.

So, my sweater and floral trench come courtesy of Urban 1972. They sent me a few things and I was so excited that I put two things on immediately and didn't take them off! Haha. This is the perfect fall Moose Sweater and I can't think of many things more perfect for me than a floral trench coat...I mean, COME ON! I'm going to wear the floral trench over all my solid vintage dresses for fall. Fun!