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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Hi guys. We just got our internet back this morning. As much as I love having cable & internet, it was actually really nice without it the last few days. Without the internet I would have no job, though, so thank you internet! We spent a lot of time staring out the windows. Sounds like a joke but there is a building parallel to us and most people don't have curtains or shades. Ok, I guess it's creepy but you can't really see them. It's more like watching an ant farm. We love living Downtown so far. Always something going on.
We took some pics up on the rooftop of our building yesterday. I decided I'm not one for the sheer blouse movement. I even got a cute ruffled polka dot bra to go underneath. I just didn't feel comfortable once I remembered everyone could see my bra...I didn't even think about till I got downstairs though. Oh, life! I do love this Lacey dress/top though. With a silky tank top underneath next time.

Sheer Dress worn as blouse- Thrift
Ruffled bra- UO
HIgh waisted trousers- Thrift (The brand is the's weird.)
Cousins twist sandal- Rachel Comey
Satchel- Thrift

Ok, hope you're all doing fabulously.
Gotta finish getting this house in order...and everything set up to run shop from here.
But first....I need lots of coffee.



Pack it up.