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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Simple means.

As we were heading out the door to the grocery store this morning, Gabe said "You're gonna wear that?". I didn't take offense because he just knows I don't like being stared at. But of course then I kept thinking some elderly woman at the store was going to say, "You shouldn't be wearing a little girls outfit". I'm not paranoid since this actually happened to me and Lisa once. At church. We were wearing the same dress. Life is so embarrassing sometimes.

I really love rompers though. Aren't they the best? So comfortable and I really do feel 5 years old in them and suddenly the sun looks more interesting and life is just little more fun.

Lindsay asked me where I got my glasses and I'm so happy to share! There's a tiny store in Pasadena called "Old Focals". It is packed full of vintage frames. AMAZING place. Super great prices. I need to go back and get sunglasses with my prescription.



It's a beautiful LA summer day!
Have a good Friday everyone!

Braiding, stone, neutrals, HEARTS! OHH MY!

Everything is gonna be alright in the summertime.