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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?


Hello cute people! I'm feeling only 5% better but I just really wanted to show you my Rachel Comey sandals. They are my perfect flat sandals. I will wear them till they fall apart and then I will get them put back together.

Plus, I've loved lavender since I was 4 and I'll always love lavender. Sooooo...

In other news, we sent out our 30 days notice to vacate our current apt. This makes me veeeeeeeery nervie! We're planning on moving into a loft downtown but all the stars have to align! I remember 3 years ago stating that "I would NEVER move downtown. Ew. Gross. Hideous." Etc... That's why you should never say never, people. I just want us to experience downtown city views before we start a family. (:

Well, I've got lots of work to do and I should be resting. But I HATE resting. Unless I'm in Palm Springs or at my parents house! (:

LOVE & happiness to all. Forever.