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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

The summer sun is shine shine shinin'.
I'm already kind of over it though and ready to go to Portland in 11 days for some mild weather and maybe a few days of rain.
There are some pants I really want for this trip from Zara but Gabe (like all men) hates harem pants. I keep thinking about them and how cozy & comfy I would on a mild rainy Portland July day.
Anyway, we'll see. (:





Other than that, I'm going to make my own version of these tonight:

Both from Dinner With Julie. I have tons of her food photos saved as inspiration but these are my latest.

Gabe is working every night this week so I get to make weird things for myself my dinner.

I have tons of work to get done so I can have a proper vacation in Portland.
Have a s-s-super day!