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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Hello! Hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend. It's not my weekend so I've been working hard, but very much enjoying doing so.

Now I'm eating some fake Cheetos from Trader Joe's. They're healthy since they come from TJ's. JK.

So, anyway, today I needed some peace. There isn't much peace that exists on a Saturday in LA. If you know of any, please fill me in. We went to Griffith Park. I was on the verge of peacefulness, but there were just too many people there. Gabe then suggested that we rent canoes in Portland. Now that sounds peaceful. Just like that part in "Soaring over California". Ahh.

It definitely helped that I was in the running to win "The Comfy Awards". For some creepy reason, something I do is look around and crown someone as today's winner of the comfy award...whoever is dressed the most comfortably. I like to give it to myself most days though, and today it was mine. There are many factors that go into the way I judge this competition. It's pretty crazy how much creepier that sounds when written down. But I was really comfy.

Oh man.
Love yazz.