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Bright light city gonna set my soul

Well, I suppose things were different for Elvis and Ann-Margret. Or were they?
I had a dream last night that there was an entire Bobby Darin Resort and Casino and we missed it! The real Bobby Darin was there of course (the about 28 year old version) along with all of his old costumes and some of Sandra Dee's as well. It was only a dream, for who but me and my sister would care so much about a resort of this nature. Sad. Now, there was a restaurant called "Sinatra" where we will be dining on our next visit.
There's something I really enjoy about Las Vegas, even though it's positively disgusting. I adore being an unabashed tourist!
It was just such a delight being free from injury and with two of my best friends.
Being out of LA is the only time I don't stress and analyze and think way too much about everything. By everything, I mean our future. What do I want to work towards? I'm willing to work, that's for sure! I just need to nail down what to work for. I am open to suggestions. It was so amazing not to think about that for a few days and I was reminded that I need that more often. Anyhow, here's our fun fun fun in the sun sun sun!

I'l meet you there.